Trading is our main business. TAZ  
Trading and Logistic aim to be the  
fastest growing company in Myanmar  
by providing reliable, efficient  
services to customers and suppliers.
Marine Engineering team is led by highly skilled  
professionals who have overseas experiences for  
many years. TAZ Trading and Logistic has a team  
which can provide services to the vessel such as  
engine repairing, painting, arranging in servicing  
of life raft, lift draft, welding and many other  
services require by the vessel.
Whatever your business, whatever you're  
building, packing and sending - TAZ  
Trading and Logistic has you covered  
with state-of-the-art transportation and  
distribution solutions.
Our Business

Tin Aung Zaw, Trading and Logistic Company, was established since 1992 in According to Myanmar Companies Act. We  have partnership with overseas companies from Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, France and China, it has been in trading industry for over 10 years, engaging supplier and customers. TAZ Trading and Logistic has long term relationship with suppliers, maintaining very good relationship with clients within Myanmar. And customer satisfaction has been one of the top priorities of TAZ Trading and Logistic, thus maintaining the highest level of customer satisfaction and attaining more business are our desire.
We have qualified staffs to carry out the business in business development as well as to handle export and import matter.

TAZ Trading & Logistics LTD ยท  E-Mail: tradingtaz@gmail.com